Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#CRAVE - Jesus In Your Boat ~ Sermon by @JohnFehlen Poem by @Treborn

West Salem Foursquare Church
January 15/16, 2011
John 6:16-24


Show me the money, show me the miracles
ministry can be god, that's not hysterical
let's not just do things for Him
be with Him instead, that's a fortune
Strive and search for significance
make it happen with greatness and experience
why take it out (+) be so liberal
this DOES make sense; it's literal
Not your average waves, an intimate scare
who could calm the storm with legitimate fear
so many motivators makes us crazy
it initiates us to no longer be lazy
if you're eager and you crave, you long for...
something that you lack, yes you want more
he came to free us from restriction
get that relationship, rest in peace to religion

You can row and row, left in sorrow
Think big, go large, be efficient not hollow
Fill the tank, charge the battery
Bits and pieces here and there are a fallacy

Everything's closing in that despondent place
this is the place where he meets us face to face
he came the hard way, so long and far
be sure of the son, more than a star
Take courage, in your darkest hour
beyond the ice, beyond a heart that's sour
don't be discouraged in the worse of times
find courage be encouraged, rehearse the lines
Even if your off beat in an emotional journey
the vessel sways away in waves in a hurry
looking for his hand, missing the man
not many see his face, took a blessing and ran
He won't let you sink, I know you've been searching
seeking and craving, pursuits got us hurting
he is so worthy, stop over-thinking, you're underachieving
have faith my child, it's time to start believing

If this doesn't fire you up, then bet
that your wood must obviously be wet
Immediately means... straight and direct
His power has power, no debate all respect

Surrender all to him, be with us now
Human effort and God's presence is different, how?
Different, so different, a brain can't imagine
Picture him now, it's more than you can fathom

Sunday, January 16, 2011

POEM: A Mysterious Protection

A Mysterious Protection 
an original poem by Christian Treborn

At times, it's like I would rather put down my luggage just help someone else with theirs
The sad thing is I have to go back to get my life, pick it back up & reface my fears
The journey is twice as long, and half as educational... seeing how I enjoy being a help
How much exercise am I doing if I'm working harder than smarter? How is my own health?
I know I could go outside and play but my adventure clothes are in the closet 
It's too big and dark to go in and grab what I need, so instead of moving forward I pause it
Procrastination, I want to stop it, but maybe I'll start being productive in the new year
Yeah right! That mentality ends with a new fear, yet my mind, body and soul... I'd rather renew here!
As if I was new here, I reminisce and miss the old me, fresh to all the homies that know me
If only they could see me now, how much I've changed and improved, they'd say they don't know me

I keep growing into a man I've been destined to be and what do I see but a blurred reflection
No matter how many times I wipe the mirror I'm comforted by a mysterious protection

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vintage Time Machines (My Favorite Local Band)

Okay, I met this guy Mike over the summer at a party. I remember how interesting he was and how much he knew his Indie and not-so-known bands. I didn't immediately admit I was a poet, instead I just listened and got to know him better.

Months later, Courtney and I got invited to a Halloween Costume Party at Mike's house. There we met his roommate - Chad. They were both dressed in these time-traveling-jumpsuits. I thought it was a bit too easy of costumes. Later that night they get behind their instruments and start rocking out! I was amazed and it all made sense. Their band was called Vintage Time Machines. Now I know why they were dressed like Time Lords. It was all apart of their theme as the Vintage Time Machines.

I must admit, I really enjoyed their groove, their sound, and even their neo-retro style. It was refreshing and pleasing to my ears and my soul. I instantly became a fan.

A few months later... we have January. I got invited to their first big show at a new venue in Canby, Oregon called The Place To Be Cafe. When I got there, they were packed. It was great to see that so many more people get a chance to experience my favorite local band.

Here is a sample of their set from Friday January 7th.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 In The Year of Our LORD (a Reflection of the past 365 days)

In the year of our LORD – twenty-ten, I had some life changing experiences. It all began towards the end of 2009 when I ended my stale and dull relationship with my girlfriend of 3 years. Our relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and after expressing her feelings, I had no response. No solution, no answer. I told her what I wanted to do; invest in others lives, lead bible studies, and further my relationship with GOD. So we ended it, and I began praying to GOD for resolution and reconciliation in my life. I spent Christmas alone (with GOD) and on December 26th, He called me to step out of my box, to get out of my comfort zone, and dedicate the year to His will.

2010 has been a ride and a journey for sure. I rededicate my life to GOD, left all my insecurities & imperfections behind to pursue holiness & walk in righteousness. I decided to surround myself with positive and influential men of GOD. Justin Doyle was my main comrade in my refreshed walk. We would fellowship and hang out with the South Salem Young Life kids.

After 2 years of being asked by Corey, I finally joined Young Life, and began volunteering my time to South Salem High School students. Young Life has been a journey and a calling to something I didn’t think I wanted and something I didn’t expect. It caught me off guard, and I am thankful it did. Thanks to Young Life I have learned so much about ministry, relationship, unconditional love, mentorship, and discipleship.

I also volunteered to be a bridge from Wyldlife to Young Life. Currently I am building relationships with middle school kids that will end up in high school where I do Young Life.Young Life needs it’s own post/update. Coming soon…

In the music scene I did some big things for Christian Hip Hop aka Holy Hip Hop.
I opened up for GRITS and Cookbook (formally of LA Symphony). I also ended up opening for Braille again this year. He has been though a lot, and to be there as he performed his hit songs was a blessing.

My church West Salem Foursquare Church had a UNITED service where everyone from each of our three services was invited to join a huge service at Riverfront Park to share picnic and worship. There were about 1500 people that showed up. At the last minute I realized I should have asked my pastor to allow me to perform a song before we began. People were just hanging around talking and eating; they might as well have some entertainment in the background while they wait too.

I ended up performing two of my fan favorites live for 1500 or so people. It was freeing and uplifting and inspiring. Just doing it for fun, I had kids come up to me telling me how much they enjoyed my performance. They asked if I had CDs, and I realized I did have some in my car. Always being prepared, I grabbed a box of CDs and started handing them out to anyone and everyone that walked up to me. It was a blessing all around.

(To see this live performance visit HERE)

For about half the year I volunteered to help DaSouth.com by writing reviews on music projects. This was a great opportunity to help the music scene – behind the scenes. Plus it helped me with my journalism skills.

The biggest thing that happened in 2010…

I met the love of my life - Courtney at church. Never did I know she was related to people I knew and worked with. I ended up doing a lot of volunteer work with her and we began making new memories and sharing new experiences. She has opened my eyes to many different aspects of life that I haven't seen in the past.

It's been a blessing through every challenge and obstacles we have had to face. If we have learned anything, it's that God is faithful and true. We can always rely on him and ask him to meet our needs. I have never prayed for any person (not even myself) as much as I have for Courtney. I care about her so much and I love her unconditionally. She is a mighty servant for Christ and continues to grow and learn each week. It's been such a blessing to be apart of her life and witness God's work in her.

It has been such a great year. Through everything I have done and experienced, I have learned a ton about God and even a bunch of things about myself. This has been the year of my life & I am looking forward to what God brings next.

Thank you Jesus for using me to help so many people. Even without my knowledge. I am filled with joy to be apart of the body of Christ. Praise the Lord. He is sovereign!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favorite Encouraging Scriptures

I Have heard this verses throughout Inspirational Hip-Hop. I have had bible studies on some of these verses. If I could give a believer a list of my favorite scriptures, or a list of the scriptures that encourage me, I would give them this list.

How can you benefit from this list? You could always S.O.A.P. on it. S.O.A.P. is a method of studying scripture and speaking with the Holy Spirit about what you read. If you don't know what S.O.A.P. is or how it is done, check out this link for an example.

I pray these verses inspire you, encourage your spirit, and strengthen your faith. May GOD reveal Himself to you, and may GOD bless you in your seeking of His face.

Be encouraged and stay blessed.
Christian {2Co517}






UNITY + DIVERSITY 1 Corinthians 12:12-31


THE LAW & SIN Romans 7:14-20

FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Galatians 5:16-25

BE A REBEL Romans 12:1-2


SUFFICIENT GRACE 2 Corinthians 12:9-10




CONSISTENCY Ephesians 5:15-21

IF YOU FAIL Numbers 32:23


Monday, December 20, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD for a Limited Time! @Treborn's #AllRight *PLZ RT!* http://bit.ly/ALLright


Immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

1. Don't Be Mad (produced by Fresh Mann) 04:08
2. Preach featuring EKG, John Campbell, Bumps 05:29
3. Tre Born featuring B. Cobb 03:33
4. Crusin featuring B. Cobb 03:03
5. All Right featuring Illusent 03:58
6. Cellar Door (Radio Edit) 03:01
7. Liberty 03:50
8. Another Fork 04:15
9. Criminal Behavior 02:50
10.Holy Definition Remix featuring Phil Zahn 03:47
11.Practice featuring EKG, John Campbell, Bumps, Braille, Fresh Mann, & eCsiLe 05:13
12.Break The Chain 04:02

ALL RIGHT features guest appearances from Christian's fellow tweeps from across the United States. The songs within were comprised over 2009 and early 2010 during Treborn's transitioning period. Just like his life, this material covers a lot of different emotions and feelings.

Stay updated: twitter.com/ChrisTreborn

Initially released 07 September 2010
Lyrics & Music by Chris Treborn (except lyrics by guest artists)
Photography by Agape Studios - Salem, Oregon
Clothing provided by Break The Chain Apparel

Copyright 2008-2010 Christian Treborn - All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Priced Christmas Trees!

South Salem Young Life is selling coupons for Christmas trees at Eola Christmas Tree Farm!

It is easy! Just contact Corey Knudson if you are interested. You will receive a coupon which you will show at the tree farm when choosing your tree! 

You have three kinds of trees to choose from, the price is excellent and South Salem Young Life receives the amount in parenthesis, which as you can see is a huge percentage. 

1 Noble Fir $30   ($18 to YL)
1 Grand Fir $25   ($17 to YL)
1 Douglas Fir $20   ($15 to YL)
Eola Christmas Tree Farm will be open weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Nov. 26th through Dec. 19th. You will find them at 4705 Eola Dr. NW  in Salem. 

Just give me a call or send me an email and let me know what kind of tree you would like and I will get you a coupon to redeem at the farm. 

Thank you for your support of South Salem Young Life!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

#BlessedAre - The Poor In Spirit ~ Sermon: @JohnFehlen Poem: @Treborn

Blessed Are; The poor in spirit. Matthew 5:3, 7:7-23
Pastor John Fehlen
West Salem Foursquare Church
November 21st, 2010


Blessed are the poor or those in total poverty
we need a larger understanding in spirit, obviously
it can be a gift of the spirit or is it a curse
poverty us beyond what's in your wallet or purse
Do you volunteer to be poverty stricken
prosperity isn't the only design - be risen
the LORD isn't a slot-machine to pay out
some will stay n doubt, so will you say or shout
Are we so filled up and we have no more room
if He didn't give you breath, you would see doom
so give thanks for the creator of it all
nothing is made without Him, trust Him or fall
Grand adventure is shared, but not His glory
this is our page, or chapter, but His story
my sufficiency comes from you = meekness
my strength (in Him), comes from my weakness


We have to ASK, when we seek and knock
how much better will the gifts be in stock
if our earthly father gives - a heavenly father gives more
dad gives a toy, father gives us the store
And so much more! In an abundant amount
gifts will be given, more than you can count
but if we ask, we shall receive
treat how you want to be treated, don't deceive
I am dependent, on the generosity of others
the poor in spirit, have obviously; lovers
loved enough to be saved and carried
loved enough to be dated and married
Why arch our back, we need to straighten up
not restriction, it's safety taken up
are you desperate for such a caretaker
get intimate and meet the most fair maker


Believers B3ARFRUIT, but the road is narrow
why so many leaves, are you hiding a sparrow
where is the fruit, you were made to produce
life gave you lemons, it's time to make juice
Is it success or value, culture surrounds us
this is the death of morals, it astounds us
more in the show-window, less in the stock room
too many in a movie, too little that got moved
No resume will qualify us for His kingdom
the job won't be ours acting like heathens
we killed demons and preached your message
but no checklist religion, can ever bless us
I'm filthy rags, apart from you LORD
take all of us, give us more of you LORD
give us more, please give us more
apart from you, we are filthy & poor



Blessed are the humble, who rate themselves insignificant.
Blessed are the poor and realize their need for Him.
Dependence versus Independence - Ask, Seek, Knock
Character versus Charisma - Narrow & Wide, True & False
Obedience versus Importance
"Blessed are those who feel their poverty and so cry out to heaven."
"Blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and His rule."
"Blessed are those who realizes their own utter helplessness, and who put their whole trust in God!"

"You say: 'I am rich, I have acquired wealth, and do not need a thing.' But, you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked."
Matthew 25:40
John 6:7
John 3:30

Monday, November 15, 2010

(Sermon) I'm Just ONE Piece in HIS Puzzle

I'm doing a club talk for tonight at South Salem Young Life. Here is my rough draft of what I will be sharing.

I know a lot of us are in a crisis. We are searching for an identity. We want to know who are we? What are we good at? What is our purpose in life?

I lived my life searching for purpose. I used to be a huge fan of WWF. I even saw some events live. I remember painting my face and wrapping my wrists and biceps (or the lack thereof) with electrical tape, just like the pros. I had a bunk bed and some gigantic stuffed animals (which I grew out of), but I still kept them and used them as wrestling opponents. I pretty much wanted to be a professional wrestler… or entertainer. I didn’t really like the wrestling part, I rather enjoyed the acting and show of it all instead.

Then I thought I was supposed to be an actor, or maybe an entertainer, or perhaps a football player. Once I got onto the Frosh football team my freshman year, I knew that I loved football. Even though I wasn’t a starter, I figured if I did my best and strived my hardest, I could be on the sidelines watching the best that the NFL has to offer.

It was Wednesday October 30th, and I just had the best week of football practice. It ended even better when the Defensive coach told me I was going to be starting at Defensive Back. I was so excited to tell my dad and step mom that after practice I ran into the house to share my joy. I was thrown back with a sad face upon my parents. All they could say was “We lost her.” I didn’t know what they meant. I knew they were talking about my 3-month-old sister, but I didn’t understand what happened. My dad then said “She’s no longer with us.” I was so confused. Did she go with someone else, or what? Finally, I realized that she died.

She died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Basically, she just stopped breathing her sleep. My dad blamed God, and I had no answer. I had no idea how to explain what happened to my sister or why God would allow such a thing to happen. I wanted to express my feelings toward God and at the same time explain to my parents why my baby sister had to die. I ended up writing a song that told a story of one of God’s angels in charge of my sister’s life.

I had no idea how big of an affect it would have on my parents. It touched them, and even though I didn’t have the right words, God was using me to speak to them. I then realized my calling was to write stories in song format with morals and understandings. I was still young, and still seeking for the truth myself. But now with a divine purpose to write songs, I felt even more encouraged and obligated to search for the morally right answers and share all the knowledge I obtained.

Since then I have written around 500 songs. Not all of them were turned into songs, and not all of the songs were recorded. But now I have identity and purpose in my writing and story telling and truth sharing. I am a tool that God can use to speak to those that might not know how to communicate with Him.

Does that sounds pretty simple for me? I know that something dramatic doesn’t happen to everyone. Not everyone has a testimony that is life changing. But we ALL do have a testimony. A testimony is the triumph and victory of a test or trial. Have you ever been challenged? Have you ever overcome an obstacle? That is a testimony. God allows good and bad things to happen in our lives so that we will take notice to Him. If my sister never lived and died, would I have ever questioned God and why he does what he does? He used her to get my attention. My testimony is that my sister died, I asked God why? And through searching I found my calling – to write and I most importantly found God. I began a relationship with him. That is my life’s purpose, to be in a relationship with Him and do things for him and with him.

Keep in mind, not everyone has a testimony or hears their calling right away. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and a lot of life to be lived first. All I know is, the sweet isn’t as sweet, without knowing the sour. Does that make sense? How would I know how GREAT, GOOD, AWESOME, & AMAZING our God is, if I didn’t know how horrible the world could be. If I didn’t know that we live and we die. Isn’t there a purpose during those years of life? Yes: to live for Him, to be His friend.

Do you look at yourself and try to figure out what you are supposed to be? Why don’t you try to look around you? Do you fit with anybody else in your life? Are you friends with this person or that person? Do you distance yourself from this person or that person? There is a good reason you are where you are, for a purpose.

Instead of asking yourself: “what am I good for, I have no talents.” Ask the creator of this big picture where you fit in. Ask how you can assist his puzzle. Be a piece that fits and works with the rest of the pieces for his purpose, to fulfill this big picture. Now, is that simple enough? Is that tangible? This week at school, think of the people placed in your life. Consider it to all be on purpose.

Now, are you the piece that fits with another piece? Or are you a piece that others fit with you? You can be the one to encourage and inspire and change someone’s day for the better. Or someone can be the one to encourage and inspire and change your day for the better. Just be aware of your surroundings and how God is using you for his divine plan.