Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vintage Time Machines (My Favorite Local Band)

Okay, I met this guy Mike over the summer at a party. I remember how interesting he was and how much he knew his Indie and not-so-known bands. I didn't immediately admit I was a poet, instead I just listened and got to know him better.

Months later, Courtney and I got invited to a Halloween Costume Party at Mike's house. There we met his roommate - Chad. They were both dressed in these time-traveling-jumpsuits. I thought it was a bit too easy of costumes. Later that night they get behind their instruments and start rocking out! I was amazed and it all made sense. Their band was called Vintage Time Machines. Now I know why they were dressed like Time Lords. It was all apart of their theme as the Vintage Time Machines.

I must admit, I really enjoyed their groove, their sound, and even their neo-retro style. It was refreshing and pleasing to my ears and my soul. I instantly became a fan.

A few months later... we have January. I got invited to their first big show at a new venue in Canby, Oregon called The Place To Be Cafe. When I got there, they were packed. It was great to see that so many more people get a chance to experience my favorite local band.

Here is a sample of their set from Friday January 7th.